Written by Kim Klaver
Based on the 3 scripts class
  • If you don't know what to say...
  • If you're driving them away...
  • If you know you're not being authentic...
  • ​If you've decided you will NOT spending your life chasing everybody...
  • ​​If you feel icky making friends just to sell them later...
  • ​If you'd rather kindle a movement of concerned, caring people instead of "push" friends who aren't interested...

"Learn how to communicate in a way that prompts the right people to ask 'Oh, really? How does that work?'"

Our Current Reviews

“Kim challenged us to get 100 customers in 100 days, and guess what? I did more than that! I got over 100 customers in 60 days, and they’re on a monthly program, just like my Internet...
My check went from $986 to $5000 within five months. I get it each month now. I'll be forever grateful to Kim!" - Mary Jane M.
“I talked to 43 people, got 3 new customers and 8 referrals. I was shocked.” - Jan H.
“I did $1,200 in business in one day. In my 31 years in business I’ve never had a day like that, ever.” - Mary A.
“This week I spoke to 13 people, I got 2 autoship customers and 3 referrals; one is a health club owner. Nothing like this has even happened to me before. It’s fun to work now.” - Sandra P.
"I always struggled selling things, and after reading Chapter 2 in Kim’s orange book, I realized that I was using 'techno-babble' and actually scaring my prospects away.

Since changing that part of my presentation like she said, I've gone on to sell millions of dollars….Thanks, Kim!"
- Russell Brunson
Clickfunnels Founder
"Kim delivers eloquently with great brilliance, wisdom and panache while making a heap of their own a reality for thousands and thousands of distributors around the world."
- Mark Victor Hansen
Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul.
"People in my downline who were stuck, even attending company events, weekly team calls, reading and learning, and 'talk to more people', 'more action' wasn't helping them.

90 Days after I found Kim Klaver…They are so engaged again, their conversations are feeling good for them instead of awkward, they are loving 'selling' and loving talking to people about what they sell... they have hope again.

PS One gent who has 6 team members engaged again has increased his income by $3500 a week." 
- Jennifer Schultz, 7-Figure-a-year earner in her Network Marketing company

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